KULZER Venus Pearl Pure Kit - Syringe

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Venus Pearl Pure Shades


Do you want to reduce chair time while delivering anterior and posterior restorations effortlessly in monochromatic layering only?  With the four new Venus Pearl Pure Shades, you will meet your patients' demands while simplifying your workflow to the max.


Matches Anterior and Posterior Restorations with Ease

Speed up your restorative procedure and reduce chair time easily.  The innovative solution of Venus Pearl Pure Shades simplifies your everyday procedures effectively - only four shades for monochromatic layering, great results and satisified patients.


Less Stress more Success

Venus Pearl Pure Shades are so easy for you and your team to use. Everyday restorations have never been more convenient.  The composite, with its slim range of shades, convinces through its non-slumping qualities, allowing for easy application and sculpting.  It's a perfect fit for daily restorative procedutes.


Reliability made in Germany

With Venus Pearl Pure Shades you get reliable quality and clinically proven products - for best results and safe application.



  • Direct restoration oc class 1-V cavities (according to G.V. Black)
  • Direct composite veneers
  • Shape corrections of teeth (i.e. diastemas, congenital defects in teeth, etc)
  • Splinting of teeth loosened by trauma or periodontal disease
  • Restoration of primary teeth
  • Core build-up
  • Repairs of porcelaine, composite (in combination with an adequate repair-system)



1 x 2g Venus Bulk Flow + 5 tips

2 x 3g Venus Pearl Pure (light & medium)

1 x 2ml iBond


Z66098267 Kulzer Venus Pearl Pure Kit - Syringe


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