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Venus Bulk Flow ONE is the first flowable one-shade bulk-filling composite without the need for an additional capping layer. As a further universal shade solution for everyday cases, it is the ideal choice for restorations in the posterior region.


The flowable consistency makes it the composite of choice for bulk-filling with increments of up to 4 mm. Due to the incredible shade matching properties of all ONE composites, it represents the first flowable one-shade bulk-filling composite in the dental market that adapts to any tooth shade from A1 to D4.


Venus Bulk Flow ONE simplifies and streamlines the restorative process:

  • Always grab the right shade: With the incredible shade-matching properties of Venus Bulk Flow ONE the restoration becomes invisible by blending into the surrounding dentition.
  • Efficient handling: Cavities are filled quickly and easily with increments of up to 4 mm without the need for an additional capping layer.
  • Long-lasting restorations: Low shrinkage stress, high flexural strength and high wear resistance ensure durable restorations that withstand the high mastication load in the posterior region.
  • Reduced treatment time: Both the ONE-shade effect and the bulk filling shorten the chair time, making it ideal also for the restoration of primary teeth.



Always grab the right shade for the posterior region

The new Venus Bulk Flow ONE offers an one-shade solution within the Venus family for basic posterior restorations. With its incredible shade-matching properties, Venus Bulk Flow ONE blends seamlessly into the surrounding dentition, independent of the tooth shade – even when used for bulk-filling cavities of up to 4 mm.

ONE shade for ALL - thanks to the amazing adaptive light matching:

Like Venus Diamond and Venus Pearl ONE Shade, Venus Bulk Flow ONE determines the shade of the restoration by absorbing the lightwaves that are reflected by the surrounding tooth shade.


Streamlined restorative workflow in everyday posterior restorations.

Venus Bulk Flow ONE combines the self-levelling effect of a flowable material with a high curing depth and good stability after application. This allows to place increments of up to 4 mm inside a cavity. With Venus Bulk Flow ONE dentists can reduce treatment time without the need for shade selection or the placement of a universal composite as an additional capping layer. With its range of indications from bulk filling through cavity lining to fillings in primary teeth, the efficient restoration procedure is further enhanced by the equally reliable and versatile bonding solution iBOND Universal.



Scientifically tested to ensure durable restorations.

Low shrinkage stress and high flexural strength ensure durable restorations. High wear resistance allows Venus Bulk Flow ONE to withstand high mastication loads in the posterior region.

 Its high radiopacity of more than 250% AL allows for a safe and predictable diagnosis.


Z66094723 Venus Bulk Flow One Syringe

2g syringe


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