Intensiv Swingle & Proxoshape Set - Special Deal

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 1 x Intensiv Swingle W&H Synea WG-69A Hand Piece -without light  RRP $1589.50

1 x Proxoshape PS1 Set of 6 pieces  RRP $220.00

1 x Proxoshape PS2 Set of 6 pieces  RRP $220.00

1 x Proxoshape PS3 Set of 6 pieces RRP $220.00


$2249.50 of value for only $1650

A saving of $599.50!!


In case of abutments and cavities preparation, as well as restoration materials finishing, the most utilized system in the dental office is based on rotating instruments use. There are, however, precise limits within which a rotating instrument cannot be used; functions may be limited or potentially dangerous due to limited control application. In all these cases it is appropriate to accompany the use of rotating instruments with complimentary oscillating systems that reduce the risk of potential iatrogenic  injury, improving significantly the quality of the surfaces being worked on.
The principle of action of oscillating files is based on the mechanical transformation of a rotating motion into a reciprocal stroke movement in the contra-angle.


Intensiv Swingle Proxoshape Special Deal Contains:
+1 WG-69 A W&H Synea -without light, Contra-Angle, Ref. WG-69 A

+1 Ejector, Ref. 053

+1 Spray Canal Cleaner Needle, Ref. 054


+ 1 Intensiv Proxoshape Pack of 6, Ref. PS1/6
+ 1 Intensiv Proxoshape Pack of 6, Ref. PS2/6
+ 1 Intensiv Proxoshape Pack of 6, Ref. PS3/6