Aureum All-in-one Implant Kit

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Complete Sterile Implant and Oral Surgery Kit



2 x Surgical Gowns
4 x Hand Towels (40cm x 40cm)
1 x Patient Drape 180cm x 270 cm U Shape w/ Adhesive & Tube holders
1 x Trolley Cover/Outer Wrap (180cm x 140cm)
1 x Head Bar Drape (100cm x 80cm) w/ Adhesive Strip
3 x Adhesive Film (Blue)
1 x Aspiration System with tip
1 x Blue Adaptor
1 x Suction Tube Connector
2 x Drill Sleeves
4 x 5 X-Ray Gauze Swabs
1 x Saliva Ejector
1 x Mayo Stand Cover
1 x Suction Tubing (3m)
1 x Pair Surgical Gloves Size 6.5
1 x Pair Surgical Gloves Size 7.5


Single Kit.

Available in cartons of 6.