LACALUT Aktiv Toothpaste 75ml - Special Gum Care

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Protect and Maintain Healthy Gums with Lacalut Toothpaste

Lacalut® Aktive Toothpaste

This special toothpaste contains an active ingredient formula: the effect on the gums is immediately noticeable through its astringent effect. The gums are tightened and strengthened. Bacterial plaque is removed and new growth is reduced. The enamel is hardened by the sodium fluoride used, making it more resistant to tooth decay.


The more you use Lacalut® Aktiv the less problems you have with your gums.

The result: Gum condition is noticably improved within days. The sensitivity of the teeth to irritation and pain is reduced. Gum problems are reduced helping to protect and maintain healthy teeth.


With more than 90 years of experience, Lacalut® is one of the oldest German dental care brands that ensures a healthy and carefree smile for its consumers. Lacalut® prides itself on being innovative, competent and passionate.

Driven by its customers’ needs, the Lacalut® brand is constantly developing new products in their local research institute in Homburg. This constant development and research is aimed to create products that provide Lacalut ® customers with the perfect smile.


75ml tube




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