KERR Elements IC Obturation System - Type 1 *Limited Stock at this price*

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elements™ IC


Powered obturation with no strings attached

The new cordless elements™IC is the latest complete and reliable obturation system that combines a downpack heat source with a Backfill extruder. Get excellent, predictable results faster and easier:

•Rely on its longer lasting battery (compared to elementsfree*)

•Inductive charging

•Comfortable, ergonomic design


The predictability that you need

High-quality 3D obturation of the root canal system


Working with great efficiency

The backfill treating at least 16 canals on a single charge (using the recommended settings) with gutta percha cartridge level indicator, adjustable temperature and customised motor speed


Performing your art with confidence

The backfill aerogel insulation surrounds the heating element for both clinicians' and patient comfort whilst the downpack unit shuts down automatically after 4 seconds to avoid canal overheating


What is Special


Elements Gutta-Percha Cartridges

•Convenient Cartridge Delivery

•Easy insertion and removal with fingers

•Highly durable needle can be pre-bent to fit the patient’s canal anatomy

•Excellent heat conductivity: unique copper and gold plating

•Optimal visibility of operative area: needle is 5mm longer than our previous cartridge and bendable


Buchanan System B Heat Pluggers

•High-quality pluggers with a shape that closely matches the final root canal preparation (bendable tip)

•Accurate temperature

•Easy separation from condensed Gutta Percha

•Available individually or in a pre-packaged kit of five

•Available in size .04 which allows access into even the smallest canals


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