Hawe Endo-bite Senso Posterior Refill (4)

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Hawe Endo-Bite Senso is a universal sensor holder for direct digital imaging of endodontic radiographs. The system includes two types of holder (Anterior - green. Posterior - red) for use in all four quadrants. Thanks to its unique clamping device Endo-Bite Senso is compatable with all commonly use brands, types and sizes of sensors. The fixed apical stop guarantees complete visibility of the apical region. This capability represents a major breakthrough in taking digital radiographs withdigital sensors. Autoclavable at 134 degree C, at least 3 minutes.

Hawe Endo-Bite Senso Posterior Refill. Contents: 4 x Endo-Bite Senso Posterior with ring. 1 x Centring Device.