Clinicare Suction Cleaner Dw 1 Litre Bottle

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Suction Cleaner


Clinicare Suction Cleaner is for the Daily and Weekly clean of suction and aspiration systems.


Liquid Concentrate for simple preparation of solution for daily and weekly flushing of:

  • Aspiration systems
  • Suction Systems.
  • Spittoons.



  • Three actions - decontaminates, sanitises and deodorises.
  • Alkaline cleaner for removal of daily and weekly deposits.
  • Simple and safe application.
  • Non-distruptive foam.
  • Economical concentrate for preparation of:

         2% dilution for daily cleaning and deodorising.

         6% dilution for weekly maintemance and decontaminates


Aldehyde free, Phenol free, Chlorine free


  • Clinicare Suction Cleaner DW has a pleasant smell
  • The product is non (to very little) foaming
  • Does not leave a residue
  • Product is easily mixed:
  1. For daily application mix 20 mL of solution with 1 L of warm water
  2. For weekly application mix 60 mL of solution with 1L of warm water


Australian Developed and Manufactured