Optum Prophy Paste Freshmint 200 X 2gm Cups + 5 Rings

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Optum Prophypaste

Dual action prophylaxis paste. Fluoride free formula.


Optum Prophypaste removes surface stains, pellicle and calculus on teeth not removed through normal patient brushing and oral hygiene techniques. Specifically formulated for mild abrasion (polishing) and cleaning of tooth structures.


  • High density, non-splatter formulation
  • Dual Action : 1/ Abrasion, mild & effective, and 2/ Detergency, dissolves and removes surface stains
  • Doesn’t dry-out, maintains consistency
  • Single Dose Delivery - 200 x 2g cups
  • 2g - Recommended amount for a full arch prophy


DL0241 - Optum Freshmint 200x 2g cups & 5 Rings