CURAPROX CPS08 Prime Plus Handy 0.8mm Pink

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Curaprox CPS 08 Pinkx CPS 08 Pink


Curaprox CPS08 refill pack of 5 Prime series pink interdental brushes. Plus 1 free handle


This is the mid size brush in our CURAPROX PRIME series of interdental brushes. It will safely access a space as small as 0.8mm and effectively clean a space as large as 3.0mm.

CURAPROX PRIME SERIES - All made with our patented CURAL surgical wire offering extreme durability with the thinnest available wire cores.

CURAPROX PRIME presents a totally new generation of interdental brushes for everybody's use - stiffer than ever, finer than ever and better than ever.

CURAPROX PRIME respects the papilla (which floss cannot) and is equally suited to young and elderly, skilled and less skilled individuals. CURAPROX PRIME is for everybody.

Each brush should last for 10 to 14 days with correct use.

Price is for a packet of 5 interdental brushes PLUS 1 Free Handy style handle