Medicom Safeseal Sterilisation Wrap 60x60cm 50gsm (250)

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SafeSeal® Sterilisation Wrap


The delivery of sterile surgical instruments to the operating theatre not only depends on the quality of the sterilisation process, but also upon the efficacy of the packaging material used.

It enables you to tailor the complete packaging system to the instrument container, ensuring efficient sterilisation and anti-microbial protection throughout the life cycle of the instrument tray.

  • SafeSeal Sterilisation Wrap is made of polypropylene using a five-layer (Spunbond-Melt-blown-Melt-blown-Melt-blown Spunbond) process.
  • The outer layers of the sterilisation wrap provide exceptional strength and durability.
  • The inner layers of melt-bond fibers provide an optimum barrier to bacteria and liquid while allowing penetration of gas sterilant.



  • 100% Polypropylene with SMMMS structure
  • Superior BFE for airborne microbes
  • Latex-Free, Low Lint, Anti-Static
  • Fluid and flammability resistant
  • Tested for time-related sterility maintenance
  • 50GSM


60x60cm - box 250

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