Gc G-cem Veneer Cement Starter Kit

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G-CEM Veneer

Light-curing resin cement for high aesthetic demands with ease of placement


Introducing G-CEM Veneer: predictable aesthetics, high mechanical properties and unique flow.* G-CEM Veneer has all the ingredients to deliver a stunning result for a confident smile.

The secret is in its optimally balanced formula with Full-coverage Silane Coating (FSC) technology. This innovative filler treatment allows a high filler rate to be achieved with homogeneous repartition of fillers in the matrix.

The result: unique handling and excellent physical properties.*



  • Adhesive luting of ceramic and composite veneers, inlays and onlays with a thickness (< 2.0mm) and translucency that enables the complete light-curing of the cement.



  • G-CEM Veneer stays in place when untouched and it is fluid while put under pressure.
  • G-CEM Veneer covers the entire surface of a restoration uniformly without voids, while the film thickness is kept to a minimum.
  • G-CEM Veneer is not sticky; it is easy to apply with high precision and it allows easy excess removal.
  • G-CEM Veneer’s unique consistency allows for an optimally balanced flow, without the need for preheating.
  • G-CEM Veneer is well suited for the cementation of aesthetic restorations and offers high colour stability


2GC-014262 - G-Cem Veneer Cement Starter Kit

(2 x G-cem Veneer Refill A2 & TR, 2 x Try-in Paste Refill A2 & TR, 1 x G-Multi Primer, 1 x G-Premio Bond, 45 x needle tips)


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